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Gayatri Mantra
Aum bhur-bhuvah-swah
tat savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dheemahi
dhiyo yo nah Prachodaya
Aum = Almighty God - bhur = Embodiment of vital or spiritual energy - bhuvah = Destroyer of suffering - swah = Embodiment of happiness - tat = That (indicating God) - savitur = Bright, luminous, like and sun - varenyam = Supreme, best - bhargo = Destroyer of sins - devasya = Divine - dheemahi = May receive - dhiyo = Intellect - yo = Who - naha = Our - Prachodayat = May inspire.
May we meditate on the Glory of the Lord,
the Remover of pains and sorrows,
the Bestower of happiness,
Who has created the universe,
and Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light.
May the Lord, enlighten our intellect in the right direction
by destroying all our sins and ignoranc
Gayatri is a Mantra (vedic hymn) which inspires righteous wisdom its meaning is that the Almighty God may illuminate our intellect which may lead us to righteous path. This is most important teaching. All the problems of a person are solved if he is endowed with the gift of righteous wisdom. Having endowed with far sighted wisdom, a man is neither entangled in calamity nor does he tread wrong path. Righteous wisdom starts emerging as soon as a methodical recitation of this Mantra is performed.
The Gayatri Mantra is the form of eternal truth. It is the heart of all beings and the eternal Ved Mantra. Gayatri destroys the sins of the world. All the four Vedas have originated from this mantra:
This can be translated as:
Aum. Let us contemplate the spirit of the divine of the earth, the atmosphere and heaven. May that inspire our minds. Savitri is the Sun and this mantra is recited at the three juncture or twilight of the day. Here is described how the mantra Aum hums in the base or Muladhara chakra, and moves through seven stages to the chakra above the head Sahasrara.
Maha Vishnu describes Aum as consisting of the following. Bhur is existence, Bhuvah is the elements, Svah is the Atma of everything, Maha is greatness and light, Tat is Brahman (the absolute). Tapah is all knowledge, Satyam is supremacy and internal wisdom. This tantra connects the three letters of Aum to the seven worlds.
Tat, refers to the first cause of all substance, as fire in the circle of the sun and is supreme Brahman. Savituhu is the source of all living beings. Varenyam is the excellent one who receives adoration.
Bharga destroys sin. Devasya means it is full of light, while Dheemahi refers to knowledge being golden and always within the sun. Dhiyo means Buddhi. Yo stands for energy (tejas).
The mantra is divided into three sections of eight letters and four sections of six letters. A dhyana (meditation) - Gayatri as having four faces, which are white, yellow, red and black. Yet the tantrik tradition has different views of the Gayatri. For example, in the Matrikabhedatantra, there is a couplet, which says a person who knows the Brahman (the absolute) is a Brahmin.
Gayatri is mother of Vedas. Sadhana of Gayatri mantra is the essence of all Vedas. Even God like Brahma mediates on and performs Jap of Gayatri at the time of twi-light.
Gayatri Jap performed daily for three years realizes God and like air, acquires the power of going where the person wants to go. Merely by offering water to the Sun and performing Jap of three thousand Gayatri mantra at the time of twilight, a person becomes adorable by God. By Gayatri Sadhana the person may get salvation, wealth, victory in battle, and freedom from disease. A man may know all the four Vedas very well but all his labour goes waste if he does not know Gayatri mantra. A person who worships mantra other than Gayatri cannot get success even if he takes millions of birth.
Rishis, Saints say that there is no other mantra like Gayatri mantra in all the Vedas. Ved, yagya, dan (donation, charity), tap are not equivalent even to a small fraction of Gayatri mantra. Whether a man is pure or impure, he is sitting or walking, in whatever condition a wise man may be, he should perform Gayatri Jap. A man gets rid of all sins by this Jap. Nothing is greater than GAYATRI MANTRA in this as well as other loks for the success of daily work; fulfilment of desires and for development of tapas.
The japa of Gayatri mantra should be done facing east before sunrise, after bathing. The forehead should remain wet. This is accompanied by applying a thick paste of sandal wood. Gayatri mantra should be recited repeating the sound AUM three times before the mantra. Japa should be done daily either 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 malas. After doing the mala rub both palms together while reciting the mantra, then rub both hands on the forehead touching the place of the third eyes with both ring fingers while the right hand rubs the right side and the left hand the left side of the forehead, reaching up to the temples. Then bring the hands to the head, then to the eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, back of the neck, front of the neck, in that order. This exercise should be done in a slow rhythm. All the breath, no inhaling or exhaling while touching the starting point, third eye until the end, the front of the neck.
This chanting is considered to be especially GOOD on Fridays, on Navami, Chaturdasi, and Full Moon day-and during the nine days of Navaratri. The Gayatri Mantra does not belong to any particular sect of worship or it is not restricted to any certain community. It is universal, for the whole world. It contains in it the culture not of any particular society, but the culture of humanity. The Gayatri Mantra is a treasure and heritage that belongs to the whole of humanity without exclusion.
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