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About Us
I am delighted to welcome you to this website. Actually when I registered this domain few years back, my objective was just to have a domain in my name for a permanent email address. It was never, not even in my dream, I expected this domain will serve Sanathana Dharma in some way.
During one of our visits to India on a holiday, somebody presented couple of cassettes which I never bothered to open and look. After long time once I happen to find this cassette in my car while driving and put it on just for a change, it changed many things in my life. It was a speech of Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, whom I never heard of, till that day. This in reality captivated me and essentially altered my views with precise awareness. I got immediately interested in it and started looking for more cassettes, but it was not available anywhere. I contacted some of my friends in India to get me some; even they were not aware where to find it. Finally I got the contact of Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage and I wrote to them direct for information, got all their CDs collected through a friend. The surprising fact is still most of my relatives and friends don't know where they can find this CDs and I get so many emails from Kerala itself asking for the copy of these CDs.
I am basically not a very social, active character. I don't have much talent to conduct social gatherings and organize discussions to serve Sanathana Dharma. I was happy listening to the CDs and enjoying it. In one of the speeches Dr. Gopalakrishnan was talking about thousands of lampposts serving the country from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Not a single one of them providing light to the whole nation or a state, they were providing light only to the people who are around them. This was a lesson to me; I remembered how desperately I was looking for these CDs. I know there are lots of people like me, looking for this. This lit a lamp in my mind that there is a responsibility on my shoulders to share what I have with the people who are looking for it. In Dr. Gopalakrishnan's words - build a bridge with the computer in front of you between what I have and the people who are looking for it. I started by cutting the big files into small sizes and posting it on cooltoad.com, it is in fact highly time consuming job. There are more than 500 files already on cooltoad.com and thousands downloaded. The response was significantly encouraging; I got appreciating mails from all over the world. Now the problem is the file size, the files are too big and too many, so I joined megaupload.com and started uploading bigger files.
Recently Mr. Nair V.M. of www.kairaly.net initiated the idea of putting all links in one place where everybody can access it whenever they feel like, Mr. Nair offered me the design and preparation of the pages too. Dr. Gopalakrishnan also suggested to avoid long emails with lots of links and information, which many people will not have time to go through. To conclude it is here, our site designed by Mr. Nair V.M. of Kairaly Infotech. I just added the contents for the lovers of Sanathana Dharma. Please feel free to contact me with your valuable suggestions and comments also please do let me know if you would like to add some information to this site. You may use the contact us link or contact me in nandanmenon@hotmail.com or nandan@nandanmenon.com
Thank you
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